The changes to Penlink

How many times have we heard about Penlink?

If you have been living on the Hibiscus Coast for awhile you are probably sick of hearing about Penlink. If you are like me, you’re sick of hearing about it because you just want it now. Hurry up. Let’s stop the chit-chat and start building the blasted thing. With the rapid growth of the Coast and Silverdale our roads are becoming a bottleneck for traffic.

Of course the issue is that the Auckland Council don’t have the money to build it. Some of us on the Coast feel very let down by the Auckland Council. We have some urgent needs in our region like the sealing of more Rodney roads and the construction of Penlink.

Penlink had an open day on Thursday. The meeting wasn’t well published and it was in a private location which I thought was horrendous. I am not sure why the secrecy, but it seems the powers that be, think us locals are idiots.

The open day was run by the planners of Penlink and it was around increasing the lanes to four from only having two lanes. Which I think is great. With the way the area is growing it makes sense to think of the future. There is no point in my mind building a two-way bridge when traffic in Auckland needs at least two lanes both ways.

Penlink are informing people about their plans and then they need you to decide yay or nay! Make sure you get your submission in.

If you are like me, I am sick of filing submissions when it feels like we’re not being heard. However it is one of those necessary evils. If all us go-getter, think-ahead type people give up and don’t submit and all the naysayers do, then nothing gets changed at all.

There are a few things that need to be done for Penlink in the next few weeks:

Submissions for wanting the four lane bridge need to go in. If you see the survey going around asking if you want Penlink then please fill it in. REMEMBER to make sure you fill in your address so that it can be officially submitted.

Most of us on the Coast want Penlink and now is the time to make our voice heard. I will add the survey below. Please fill it in and share it around.


Penlink Survey



  1. john odonnell says:

    Adding a road is not facilitating a sustainable public transport link to the poorly thought out integrated rail approach…..

  2. john odonnell says:

    Rail….tram…shuttle…. The aim is FACILITATE TO MAKE A CAR THE SECOND OPTION

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