Blab the new Social Network

Live Streaming online – Meerkat and Periscope have nothing on BLAB. This is live streaming with up to 4 people online.

Not only can you live stream from your phone but you can live stream from your laptop and computer which the business community have taken up.

The platform has been live for over 100 days and is taking off. Users are loving the fact that you can interview or engage with more than 3 other users.

Others can watch and engage in the chat function and there are options to move people out and add more people in which can make the BLABS continuing evolving.

One of the other features I love is that you can “Tweet” the Blab out which automatically tags in people in the 4 seats. This saves time looking for their handles and can show your audience the blab you are on.

This is the next step in Social Media – Engaging on Steroids, a new dimension to the way we communicate with our audience.

If you are new to the Video Streaming space – Give BLAB a go. You don’t have to jump in, you can sit back and watch and learn. There has been so much value coming out of Blab this week that I think I have been running on only 3 hours sleep each night!

Think of all the possibilities.  Interviews,  life streaming news events,  Education,  Giving value to your audience and so much more.

Being in the same room as those people you have followed for,  FOR AGES like Chris Brogan and Ted Ruben,  means not only engaging on Twitter or Facebook but you can participate within an active conversation and that is the reason Blab is going to be the next biggest Social network.



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