7 day challenge



Are you feeling:

  1. Lost

  2. Unmotivated

  3. Uninspired

  4. Feeling out of control

I have felt all these things and felt in limbo for weeks on end. Going over the same issues, over and over again and getting nowhere. I turned to my friends but while they are supportive and gave me good advice – in the end it all came down to me making the changed and stopping the merry-go-round i had put myself on.

I designed this 7 day challenge to help me break the cycle and help me jump ahead and get my direction and drive back.  It helped me move into the next phase and i know it can help you too.

Each day you will be sent a small task to snap you out of your funk and help you get more inspired,  more creative and most importantly more motivated.


In seven days you will:

  1. Discover your negative thoughts
  2. Break your bad habits
  3. Establish a new routine
  4. Take stock of your behaviour
  5. Recognise the pointless drama
  6. Move towards healthier habits
  7. Break – Free from sabotaging yourself
  8. Find your true passion
  9. Discover your motivation
  10. Reveal your core words
  11. Find your inner awesomeness

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