This is what it’s all about

I have read this so many times……. This letter i got today just blows me away.

Hi Pauline,

I have been meaning to send this email for a long time. You won’t remember me but I went to Wintec with you those many years ago. At the time your were a single mum and I was fresh out of college.
I watched on the side-lines as you tackled the work load of Tec, a part time job and being a single mum. I remember as if it was yesterday I was sitting with some of the tutors who were talking about how amazing you were tackling it all. I felt anger towards you as we were all just as deserving. I avoided you at all costs after that.

A few years later I became pregnant and was about to get married. I know I felt a sense of glee as I was doing it the right way. My life was in order and I was happy. But as we all know life throws us curve balls and when my son was 3 years old. I became a single mum.

I went into months of depression. I felt my life was over and I was ashamed to tell people I was a single mum.
I was having to pack up our home to move to a 2 bedroom rental I came across a photo of a project you had done with the words “ You have power, just give yourself permission to unlock it ”

Those few words made me open up my computer and look you up.

Over the years I have followed your blogs, tweets and posts and I have to tell you, you saved me!

It was you who told me to follow my passions, dream big and take risks. Plan and look at the big picture. You helped me have a closer relationship with my son. We create, imagine and make mistakes together.

I was there when you talked about cutting those negative people from your life and a few weeks later I was free from the same negativity.

I watched you struggle with your death of your father and it taught me how to be forgiving but not forget to pain they inflict. I watched you struggle with online bullies and it empowered me in the way you stood up and said “You have no power over me”

You inspired me to follow my dreams and be the best I can be. I also have my own business and I attribute a lot of my achievements from you. You helped give myself permission to stand up and “Just do it”

How wrong I was to write you off all those years ago. You always talk about helping that one person.

Well here I am.

You guided me to be a better me and I want to Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Words cannot express what you truly mean to me. But I just wanted to let you know I am “the one”


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