Snap Chat VS Instagram

Recently, Instagram did a big update and introduced ‘Stories’ to their platform, a move which could see a dramatic downturn for Snapchat.

As you know, I love Snapchat and have loved the high level engagement you can get from the app, better engagement than any other platform to date in my experience. However, Snapchat has its own little problems which make it difficult to grow within. The biggest one to date is not being able to be found on snapchat. It is difficult. While there are platforms like Ghostcodes where you can search for snappers, it would be good if Snapchat incorporated a search function within the platform.

One of the biggest pet peeves of mine with Instagram is the people who follow you and once you follow back they unfollow. This has become a common practise and frankly I feel that anyone who is more concerned about the numbers isn’t worth my time or loyalty. Nothing tells someone more clearly that they don’t matter to you or your brand than unfollowing once you have followed.

I’ve always been a bit of an advocate for ‘follow me, follow you’ relationship. It ties nicely into who I am: honourable and focused on building relationships. It’s about having manners. And think about it: you can’t build a relationship that is one-sided. (Of course everyone is different and each business has a plan and a strategy of what they want to achieve.)

Snapchat VS Instagram

So there is a battle going on and a lot of influencers are now confused on where they need to focus their attention—which one is better for them and their brand?

First thing is to test out where your engagement is at. You could play both platforms for awhile and see what type of uptake you get. When things are new like instagram Stories, now is the time to get ahead of the curve. Just jump in and quickly build yourself an audience. Strike while the audience is HOT. These are the times that you can build an engaged audience, because there is a momentum and excitement there.

Haven’t seen Stories on Instagram yet?

Open the platform and you will see a line of circles at the top…. That is your audience sharing their stories. On the top left you will see a dotted circle with a + in the middle. By tapping that it opens up the camera feature to start sharing.

Both apps have the 10 second video feature.

Tell me what which platform you prefer—Snapchat or Instagram. Would love to hear what you are doing.

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