Quick tips on being productive

ARGGGHH…. How do you become more productive. So many of you have asked me this recently “ How do you do it? What can I do?” I think this is like the old age question “ How do you find more time?”

The key to Productivity is finding out what works for you. That is a key component. Not every strategy will work for everyone.

Know how you work:

So finding what works for you – Are you someone who works better when trying to beat the clock, works better on short deadlines or are you someone who procrastinates until the deadline is looming. ( I am this one)

Knowing how you work is crucial on how you deal with your day to day activities.

Know how you procrastinate:

There is no point saying to you NOT to do it because we know you will. We all procrastinate at some point. The question is recognising that you are procrastinating.

What does your procrastinating look like? Mine is this… This blog ….. this is me procrastinating.

When you can feel yourself falling into it you can either do two things. 1. Continue to procrastinate 2. Look at what you doing and ask yourself 2 things. One – Is this something I can give to someone else to do. Two – Is this money generating activity.

One of two things will happen. 1 – You will stop what you are doing. 2. You will continue what you are doing. HAHAHA rocket science.

Just be aware – that is my tip. Be aware of what you are doing and know what you should be doing. Because at the end of the day you are still going to have to complete the task sometime and most probably it will be at the end of the night when you should be enjoying time with your family or friends.

Schedule your time and projects:

Knowing how you work will help you to schedule out your time. As I am a procrastinator and like working under pressure I make sure my schedule is clear the day before a project is due. Nothing worse than having something due and having no time to complete it.

Set out reliable times to get things completed.

We all want balance. You wont get the balance you need if you are always procrastinating. I always try to be aware .. Pauline you have spent an hour looking at Facebook – Now that’s an hour you have lost tonight with the family. I put a real envisisis on family time. You don’t get that time back.

Hope this helps.


Keep Smiling

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