PS Challenge

We all need to challenge ourselves. I personally love pushing my limits, trying something new, and doing something to keep me moving forward—making my life interesting.

Now I also love sharing, as you know. And I don’t want to be the only one moving forward. So to bring you along with me, I have designed a weekly challenge to help you push your boundaries, learn something new, and most importantly have fun!

This is not about just being physical—it is about doing anything new. Whether it be learning a new craft, trying a new food, or reading a book from a different genre, it is about taking that wasted time and making it productive. You will be surprised at how easily you can do this.

The most logical place to start is here—online. If you are anything like me, you waste too much time online. It is like a whirlpool—you sit down to just “quickly” check your Facebook or Twitter feed and before you know it you have been sucked in, lost an hour surfing, reading the latest gossip about people who have nothing to do with you—watching everyone else do great things.

If you take that time and put it toward the challenge I set for you, it is easy to fit something new into your life.

So how am I going to share? Well, each week on a Monday you will get a new Challenge of the Week. Sounds daunting but here’s the good part: They don’t have to be completed by the end of the week. Just make it in your own time.

If you are jumping on board, snap a photo and use the hashtag #PSChallenge to post it. I want to see how creative you can be and your idea may be just what another person needs to motivate them.

Let’s get going and take charge of our time! And have FUN!

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Week 1 : Move

Week 2: Me

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