Living big in a tiny house,  an interview with Bryce Langston 



If you have been thinking about building a Tiny House and you have done a google search,  more than likely they will be Bryces Videos that will be at the TOP of the feed.  Bryce now travels around the World sharing the stories of those who live tiny.

It was an honour to welcome Bryce from Living big in a tiny house into the studio to have a great old chat about my new addiction of owning a tiny house. (one day in the future) 

Bryce talks through the thought process of living in a Tiny house.  He has such a wealth of knowledge which he shares in this podcast.

We discuss how his life has changed in his pursuit of looking for an alternate way of living. How Tiny houses are becoming more an option for people as an alternative. The different types of houses you can design and build.

We discuss one of the biggest talking points around ‘Land’ and how to get around some of the perceived misconceptions.

We even dive into the subject of Social Media Platforms in which Bryce has a fascinating take on Facebook VS YouTube.

Check it out below

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