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When I was younger, I lived life day by day. Sometimes it was hour by hour. The trauma of my upbringing meant I didn’t trust anything so I couldn’t bear to look to the future.

I was riddled with pain and self doubt and I was disillusioned with life. I believed I wouldn’t amount to anything—my core mantra was “Why try when I know I will fail?”

So, for many years, I didn’t try at all. I was a couch surfer of life and I lived vicariously through whatever TV series I was watching at the time.

I knew deep down there was more, but I didn’t have the knowledge or the belief that I could do it.  

How things have changed.

I know where I am heading today and I want to experience everything. Boy, I welcome failure because I know after I fail at something I learn something profound and what happens next always blows my mind. After failure comes greatness.  

If you want to achieve something in your life that you think is totally impossible then you NEED to get on the ‘learning train’. Nothing comes to those who don’t live and breathe what they love.

It doesn’t matter how your consume content as long as you do.

What changed my direction? A few things it turns out. But at the foundation was a desire to be more than I was, to be in control of my life and not be controlled by others. I knew I needed more even if I was scared.

I started to write my life strategy plan. (I originally had set out to plan just the year ahead of me, but it suddenly occurred to me to think what would it look like if I planned the next 10 years?)

Here are a few things I put down:

  • get a degree
  • get off DPB
  • start my own business
  • live by the beach
  • travel regularly for work and holiday

As I write this I can truthfully say I have achieved all of the above. (At the time of writing that action plan, I also thought I would have my own art gallery, but as time went on things morphed and took me places I could never have imagined.)

The idea is you have to start somewhere and by starting you see other opportunities that can come along. It’s a fun process and looking back 10 years I have seen how integral these plans have been because I am always moving towards something. Moving towards a destination is a lot better than wandering in the bush hoping you will get somewhere.

We all need direction. We need goals, otherwise days fly by turning into weeks, months and then years and when we look back we are still in the same place, wishing we had done something….anything. No holidays were taken, no adventures had, and you look back over your life and see all the time you wasted doing nothing.

So what are YOU going to do about it?  

You have two very clear options: do nothing or do something. I am ever so hoping you are going to do something.

“Sure,” you are going to think to yourself, “but I don’t know where to start.”

AH HA!! That is where I can help. You see, I have come up with the perfect plan because I have designed my life strategy plan so that it can help anyone. And I love to help others move forward. And what I love about this process is it helps me be in control of my ideas, wants and dreams. It gives me so much energy to plan and work out where my life is going.

Life is worth living. Let me help you get inspired for your life again. Let me help you get that drive and change the way you think so that you can plan out the next few years with a direction.

So, if you are feeling like life has kicked you to the curb one too many times or you feel like you are sitting on the sidelines of life, join me over the next few weeks for all my weekly updates to help you get on track!

Life Strategies

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