12 weeks

I am so proud of myself. In the last 12 weeks, I have been dedicated to my new “healthy living” lifestyle. I have been working out at least 6 days a week and I have been eating incredibly well.

That may not seem to be so special to some of you, but for me this is the first time in my life that I have been so diligent when it comes to ME. In the past, I have been known to put everything (and everyone) else first.

My one goal in 2016 is to be a healthy me and every day I have worked to put that before everything else. That means that I have to keep on top of things. For instance, when I wake in the morning and look at my day I have to make sure I plan when I will hit the gym. (I have discovered I enjoy working out from 7.30 p.m. onwards. It works for me—my little slice of alone time.)

What has helped me on this journey is making the decision that I am worth looking after. And I have stopped giving myself a hard time on everything. YES, I was one of those that would harass myself constantly if I didn’t commit to getting to the gym. Those days are long gone. I now recognise that 99% of the time I am on task so it is okay if there are times I don’t make it.

The days I don’t make it? It is because I have over done it the day before and my body needs rest. I listen to myself more and give myself that time to recover because I know tomorrow is another day and I can get back on the horse.

Everything in my life concerning food has changed, too. I don’t eat anything that is processed and stick to food that grows (and good, lean meat). I have cut out bread and sugar and 95% of the time stay away from rice and potatoes, but if I have the desire to have those things I don’t stop myself.

I have found cutting out sugar to be the most beneficial. In the past, I would crave sweet things—Whittaker’s chocolate was my “go to” treat, but since cutting out all sugar I have only had three sections of chocolate in the last 12 weeks.

The one thing I have learnt about losing weight is there is no secret to it. For so long it was this thing that eluded me. The real secret is having people around you on the same journey, getting support, surrounding yourself with people who are just as motivated.

One other thing that has helped me is key people who are on the same journey. We have got into the habit of posting photos on Snapchat of when we are at the gym and when I see those at the end of the day it helps motivate me. I don’t want to let those friends down by not going. (At the beginning, I relied heavily on that but now I am in such a good routine I don’t even need that as much.)

Wanting to start? Then just START but start small. I started walking once a week. Then I moved it to twice a week. Then I added the gym three times a week. Find a buddy to exercise with (or add me on Fitbit—I use Fitbit to have competitions with my friends…makes it fun).

In the last 12 weeks, I have lost 7 kilos and 24 cm. Since starting at the end of October 2015, I have lost 22 kilos. I am nowhere near finished, but I am super happy that I am in a great routine and believe it or not I am enjoying the process.

A huge thank you goes to Debbie at Faster Fitter Stronger  for enrolling me into her 12 week programme.

Also to my two kickboxing coaches Dave Sawyer and Gary Sawyer from Dynamic Martial Arts  who push me to kick higher every week! Cant wait to get ready for my next grading.

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