You make no money at Christmas in New Zealand

Who says you cant “Have cake AND eat it too”??

I took 6 weeks off work over the Christmas period and I spent most of it at the beach.

Two years ago I would have believed it was impossible- because Christmas has always been the worst time of year to make money in my business.  (i never made enough to actually have a holiday) 

I had convinced myself that I couldn’t make money in December.  Well not only did I take Dec off but I made money while on holiday.

In Oct I started to feel anxious and knew with every bit of my body that I was looking at a dreadful Christmas period. My head was saying over and over again “ You only have 7 weeks to make money otherwise you are screwed”

Id become lazy and just fell back on past experiences.  Then one morning I woke up and realised how short-sighted i was being. I wasn’t thinking outside of the box. I wasn’t challenging myself to be creative and ask the question “What do my clients want and more importantly what do they need?”

In the past, i was offering them Social Media management and so many clients switch off and go on holiday. So what could I offer this time to make it beneficial to them?

I asked my clients what they wanted and low and behold all of them wanted Strategy content planning for 2018.

I sent an email,  wrote up a landing page and 8 days later I had 18 people on a Content Strategy Planning session – 

All these years I had been assuming what my clients wanted and I have never asked them what they needed.

I had been selling something that wasn’t wanted and turned it into a ‘factual’ concept that I couldn’t make money in December.

It’s amazing how we have to take a hard serious look at the way we do things and if things arnt working how can we change it up.

So i learnt a valuable lesson – Just because it didn’t work last time doesn’t mean you give up.

For the first time in my business, i got to take a holiday.   It ain’t a working holiday where I was away but having to work on the side.  I just stopped and it meant I had time to relax,  not stress.

I slept in. Stayed up past midnight ( its so disappointing when you get older your cant do this often without looking like crap the next day) I lay on the couch watching movies between swimming at the beach.  I made it to the beach nearly every day.

I got a tan and slowly my creativity came back.

I wrote many chapters to my book,  screwed them up,  chucked them away and wrote some more.

For so long I thought I couldn’t do this, for so long I believed I needed to work over this period.

For the first time in a long time, I realised that I set myself back on so many things.  People will find that funny when they know i do so much but we all have the same doubts and those pesky thoughts that niggle.

So I’m here to tell you, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Open your mind up to all the possibilities and get that creative side of you out.  There are no rules you cant break so why not attempt to break them all 🙂

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