Would you dare?

Would you dare?

We all talk about balance and a lot of us think it is a thing we never get, cant reach, its like smoke, you see it but you cant touch it.

Burn out, overworked as a business owner? Hello YES!!! Hands up. That’s me.

So what would you say if I said “ Shut down the business and go on holiday” WHAT? I can see you recoiling……… Are you SERIOUS?

It sounds crazy especially if you run a digital business, as you are expected to be ON all the time. And business owners are always pushing, pushing, PUSHING. You cant switch of ….. or can you?

So what would happen if you took a week off. Closed everything down and took a holiday. Would people forget about you? Would you lose business … Really?

One of the things you can do is notify your clients a month in advance and let them know you are taking a week off. Anything they need they will need to get in before such and such a date and then after that you are GONEBURGER….. For 7 days.

Crazy right?

We are all doing it wrong. We are putting work first. But why did you get in business in the first place? To have freedom and work when you want to work…. How many of you envisioned 7 days a week 15 hours a day… hands up…… no one? ….. I envisioned working two hours a day and the rest of it by the pool sipping Pims…. Watching the pool guy clean the filter.

NO we started our businesses because we wanted Freedom, Freedom to be our own boss, freedom to make millions by the pool……. But what we got was working endless hours and no Pool time.

So change things up. Take one FULL weekend off or if you can take the challenge take the WEEK off.

I dare you!

I bet you will feel so much better for it.


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  1. Susan C says:

    I wonder some days why i started my business. I work so much harder and longer than i would with a 9-5 job. I am considering going to back to work. That way i can have paid holidays.

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