Why do we keep voting lazy drongos into local politics

While I don’t understand the complete ins and outs of local politics, I understand a little bit.

At the last election of the Auckland Council and Local Boards I took a more active role in trying to figure out who I should put my vote towards.

Choosing the right person is difficult. What I have noticed is that the majority of people vote for who they have seen the most – Not actually proven results on what the candidates have done for the community in the past. Some politicians have a great way of showing you what they want you to see.

The last election taught me a lot about the way people voted. What is interesting now is looking back at the promises that were made by campaigning candidates. We can clearly see some people who work hard and stand out and some who …. well I am not sure what they do.

This observation has brought up some interesting things. Most voters are not happy with the present Auckland Council and a recent focus over these last few months has been on our elected. Well I don’t know about you but I certainly have been having a closer look.

One thing I really wanted to look into was: what do our local board members actually do?

So while digging around I have had some discussions with community members who were noticing that some of our local board members don’t even go to all the local board/council meetings – Some of these board members have a pick ‘n choose attitude and then some just do the bare minimum. Is this acceptable?

We elected these people, and to find out that they can do the bare minimum and still get paid seems a bit on the nose to me. Who is keeping them accountable? Auckland council?

I would expect people who get into these positions should be working to their full capacity. I mean where in the world do you get paid good money for doing nothing? Who are these board members who aren’t pulling their weight?

All of this has got me thinking, over the next few weeks or months I am going to take a closer look at local politics and really try to understand the nitty gritty.

Now I am nobody – I’m not a reporter. I’m just a curious, concerned voter. I don’t understand how it all works but I am going to learn and I’m going to write about it.

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