The little product that gives you more life – Mophie Juice Pack

I am in love with my iPhone but one thing that drives me to distraction is lousy battery life.  While it’s not unique to iPhone – I’ve tried many phones and found they all have bad battery life – the iPhone’s is a real killer.

Running a Social Media company means I have many –  and I mean MANY  – notifications on my phone. I have to keep them on so that I know what is going on with my clients. The result is  I have become a slave to the power point. I have chargers at my office, in the car, at my art school and I always have a cord on me. Having no battery on my phone just not option for me.

So this became the norm – constantly checking my phone to be sure it was sufficiently charged.

And then  I was introduced to the Mophie – Juice Pack and I just have one question: how did I not know about this before?  Since receiving it I have discovered a lot of my business associates, who also run their business from their phone, also have the Mophie Juice Pack. I repeat: how did I not know about this?

Boy has this little package of energy changed my life.

The Mophie Juice Pack, which comes in a variety of colours for the fashion conscious among you,  is a simple product that surrounds your phone and it has an extra built in battery that gets charged when it charges your phone. So when you battery starts to run low all you have to do is turn on the Mophie Juice Pack and it will start charging your phone. Genius. I have been telling everyone I know about this and even convinced my husband to get one for his Samsung Galaxy 4 and he also loves it for the fact that it gives him a better grip on the phone as the Galaxy had a tendency to fall out of his hand.

So if you need to keep that battery life up and don’t want to be stuck panicking about finding the nearest power plug is I suggest you try out the Mophie Juice Pack.

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