The heat of the AMAZON

Watching all the rivers snake across the jungle, my forehead was stuck to the window of the plane as we headed into the Amazon. Departing the plane we were hit with a wave of heat. Passengers started taking off their sweaters and breathing in the rich, heavy air.

We were met by our tour guide and we headed to the river. That’s right – we were jumping onto the river to get to our accommodation. Now I’ll just let you know, I don’t like boats. Especially small ones, which this one was! However within two minutes of heading up the river my anxiety subsided. I laughed at myself for my ridiculousness as when we turn around the first bend we are greeted by a family of Capybara. This was the first time I had ever seen these animals and I instantly fell in love. They are similar to guinea pigs but a lot bigger. This group of Capybara were sunning themselves on the river bank.


The wildlife started to stir an hour into the trip and we saw many things…. but nothing is better than seeing a wild Jaguar snoozing on the riverbank. All of us were in awe – we were so close!  We sat there for ten minutes just observing his beauty. Highlight of my day – TICK

We arrived at our destination just on dusk and started the climb up the bank (which was a tad steep). Slowly we walked through the jungle, and it seemed like we will never get to the lodge. But finally, the light at the end of the path was a welcome sight!

The walk to our accommodation was such an adventure; the heat, the noises, and it was dark enough that you needed a torch. We chatted and laughed about the things we had seen but upon seeing our resort we all went quiet. Murmurs of amazement went through the group. It was like coming upon The Family Robinson’s treehouse. The resort had no walls. The jungle surrounded it making you feel like you were living in luxury in the trees.

Our rooms were simple yet oozed the feeling of being on a luxury retreat. A hammock hung by our open window (or where a window would be). The trees surrounded us.

After a long day of travelling it certainly was a great way to end it. Our four poster beds with mosquito nets were very inviting. I think I had the best sleep of my life in that bed!!  

Over the next few days, we explored the jungle. From learning all about piranhas, to canoeing across a lake to see the oldest trees, to watching the Macaws lick clay. (which they do to neutralize the toxins from the berries they eat.)

Each morning we woke up to the sound of Howler Monkeys moving through the trees in the distant. They sound like they are right outside the room but they are actually miles away.

Butterflies flutter outside of our room and each day at siester it was divine to sit in the hammock to take in the surrounding.

I have to do a shout out to our tour guide Angel. He was absolutely amazing. His knowledge had no limits. One of the secrets to being in the jungle is to move through it quietly. Our group walked in single file and Angel was able to show us more of the wildlife. We saw things that other groups missed due to them talking constantly.  One particular group missed the amazing performance of a family of Mamoset Monkeys who darted through the trees above us. The monkeys were so fast that each shot I took was only of a tail or a leg as it went out of shot.

The Amazon is a truly unique experience and one in which i endeavour to visit again. 

To book in your own South America tour then check out these providers

Viva Expeditions – Group Tours – They organise everything for you and if you are nervous about traveling then I  highly recommend booking in with them.  They made the trip easy to navigate and the activities were mind-blowing.  PSST they have the best guides and tour leaders too!!
Rainforest – Only the most amazing accommodation in the Amazon. They have guides that help you while you are in the Amazon. We had Angel who truly was an Angel.  There is nothing like sleeping in an open aired treehut – (Wasnt a treehut but you felt like you were in the trees)

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