The countdown is on!

The countdown is on.


There are so many things I have had to get organise –

  1. Like what clothes I plan to wear!
  2. What camera gear will I take
  3. Laptop VS Ipad

Viva Expeditions send out a manual which has been like a bible. It describes the area we are going to be in and what we need to take.  What to expect and a few safety tips.

I have started to pre-pack my bag and I have far too much stuff. This is the first time I have traveled longer than two weeks so I have gone into overdrive in what to should be taking.  Over the next day or so I will need to downsize some more as I don’t want to take too much.

I have an awesome backpack which is from Kathmandu – it is 29 litres and will hold all my camera gear and computer gear.

I plan to take three cameras – My Canon 6D,  my Canon Gx7 and a GoPro. Let’s not forget i will have my iphone as well.  i should be able to do video and photos with that lot!!

I will also be taking my Jobi tripod and my Canon Tripod as well as a selfie Stick. — So i am going to be loaded down on gear.  Probably have too much but id rather have the options.

Ill keep you updated with the packing – Lets hope it all fits!!

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