Stop Playing Small


You are designing a business and you are working away at your Social Media its nice, clean and in your location. You get a good amount of traffic. It keeps you sustained but are you JUST PLAYING TOO SMALL?

No other time in history have we been able to reach a bigger audience than now. With only a few touches of a button. You might have a hotel in the Coromandel and reach out to Auckland or surrounding towns…. How about reaching out to The WORLD… ( I imagine saying this in the voice of The Brain from Pinky and the Brain)

Could you get an audience in Italy, Spain, England? Could you engage and get to know anyone from anywhere? People who travel maybe – who are they going to visit? Who are they going to remember? ….YOU.

Is it worth the effort? Hell YES it is.

Start playing bigger. Businesses are becoming more virtual so why should you keep refined. Engage with people in America, Australia, Poland, Norway and that little greek island Crete. Think of the possibilities. Oh and have fun, find out what is happening in their part of the world.

Think of all the possibilities…

Find a larger audience and ENGAGE, ENGAGE AND ENGAGE. There is nothing better than building relationships with others ALL over the world.

Take a chance. Build a bigger network, build better relationships. It is amazing where it can take you and what you can learn


I dare you ….

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