Stop complaining and make Facebook work for you

Oh I hear you all complaining about the Facebook changes that affect your audience reach for your business Pages. Yes it is terrible and I must admit even I was a little peeved as it is now harder to gain natural, audience reach without spending a dime.

Well, we all need to just get over it!  Remove yourself from the whinging corner and start working with what you have. Nothing is free in this world. The sooner we remember that the sooner we can move on. We don’t get adverts in the newspaper or on the radio waves for free so why should we expect to get free advertising space on Facebook?

It isn’t all bad. You still have the audience you have grown. Effectively they are still there. You now just have to pay a little bit to be seen and heard.

Start putting together a budget and just get on with things. If you are a smaller company and you don’t have a huge budget then just put what you can towards it. One of our smaller clients can only afford $10 a week. She “boosts” one post a day for $7 but stops it once it reaches $2. She has been testing it for two weeks and it has tripled her sales.

So, a little can go a long way.

Now that you have to spend money on Facebook you need to really think about the content you are sharing. Stop the sales posts and start to entertain your fans, give them ideas, inspire them, let them get to know you better. Don’t forget people are more likely to buy from and recommend people they know – Let them get to know you more through your Facebook posts.

Put that budget together. I would have Facebook advertising once a month and then have money set aside for boosting posts.

Be active and make it work for you and your budget.

Alternative measures:

If you really are put off by the way Facebook is working and feel you need more control then start working towards transferring your Facebook audience over to a database.  Start creating incentives for your Facebook fans to join your mailing list. Things you will need to think about, depending on your business, is how many times you should send an email out. It won’t be as frequent as Facebook. What are you going to write in the newsletter to keep that audience on your database engaged?
Another form of taking control is to spend more time updating your website. Get that blog working for you.


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