Sidekick horrors

Kickboxing is hard yakka – even harder when you are the fattest in your class! It’s funny, I have always been the biggest one and to be honest it doesn’t usually bother me unless there is something I cannot physically do.

Like Side Kicks, for instance. This is where you pivot to your side, tilt your hips, lift your leg up high and bring it in close, then kick out. It’s hard to get your balance and a little hard to get your leg up close to you but the hardest thing is doing this while taking a jump (shuffle) forward.

Oh and let’s not forget the breathing – you have to get your breathing right and let’s not talk about adding in your arms while keeping your guard up as well.

As if you didn’t think that was tricky enough let’s add in profuse sweating due to the summer heatwave.

So to all the above, add in my weight. Nothing is ever how you want it to be and you never look as graceful as you want. Oh and you know how you look because there is a floor to ceiling mirror. All I could see is a red faced, sweat dripping unco mess of flailing arms and legs. Everyone else around me seems to have nailed it in a few minutes but not me – I’m still trying to get my leg up!

Okay, so it wasn’t going how i planned. I got frustrated and wanted to give up and my instructor, being as good as he is, wouldn’t let me off the hook. He kept bloody pushing me to keep trying. All I wanted to do was leave. I was over it. The more frustrated I got, the more hot and red faced I became.
I said “Nope, I’m done”. He gave me this evil stare and said “come here and do it again”.

Of course if it was anyone else I would have maybe flicked the fingers and turned and run but this guy does scare me. I’ve seen him in the ring and he is lightning fast and incredibly strong. He has legs for Africa and I’m sure he could knock me down with those from the other side of the room. I’m sure he would’ve sorted me out in a second if I moved.

So I stayed, trying not to cry and be all “Drama Girl-like”. I am pretty sure I made many more complaints but by the end of the session (70 minutes later) I was more confident in doing a Side Kick. It didn’t look pretty but I got my leg up high (as high as I can get it) and I could strike out with precision. (well, sort of, hehehe).

I am going to have to practise it and just keep going because eventually it won’t be too hard.

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