Do you get scary ideas

I don’t know about you, but I have scary ideas—ideas that stop my flow of breath when I look at them. Ideas are my lifeblood, even the scary ones. I know I am in my creative flow when ideas start forming.

But I can go weeks without them. Sometimes I lay in bed wishing they would come because they are the way I live and work. My ideas help people (but mostly they help me).

Many of my ideas are to do with challenging myself. And to be honest, those ideas often end up with me hurt in some way, like learning how to kickbox or training for a fight, or climbing a huge mountain to prove that I can. Pain, lots of pain.

I frequently get half way through the latest challenge and cuss the person who thought it was such a great idea—and then I realise I have only myself to blame. However, the rewards at the end of any challenge outweigh the pain I have to go through to meet or complete it.

Those ideas that come with a certain amount of pain are the best overall because I have made lifelong friendships during the adventures, I have  learnt  important lessons that help me in the rest of my life and, most importantly, I achieve something or fail at something—I LIVE.

Some of my ideas have brought much failure, but I welcome it. I welcome it because I am living when I am pushing myself, I am experiencing things and learning things that in the end make it all worth it.

I love pushing myself—to a certain extent. When it comes to the scary ideas, they push my comfort zone to the max. And then I tell myself those are the ideas you need to act on because, even though it is going to hurt, it is going to teach you so much on what you can endure.

In fact, just thinking about my latest idea has put me in a sweat. Last night, I stayed up all night trying to argue myself out of it because it will be putting everything I know in question. Sacrifices will be made.

This is an important step in moving in a direction I have been slowly following over the last few years. It means moving away from conventional things, downsizing and living a more minimalist life…not living to have stuff.

This new and scary idea means I will have to give up many creature comforts. Can I do that? Can I do it so that I find a better way to live my life?  

(By now, I know you are thinking “What the hell is this idea?” Sorry. Can’t say just yet. It’s still brewing, but I’ll let you in on the secret when I have fully committed to it. This blog post is more about those ideas that scare you but you do nothing about them.)

Too many of us shy away from the scary ideas or put them in the “Maybe Next Year” category of our diaries or we make a hundred excuses why we can’t do it.

It’s 2017, a fresh, new, clean slate. And it is high time to air those scary ideas out. Look at them, research them. Are they still calling to you? Do you think they are still valid? Do they still scare you?

A new year can mean a new YOU.

So gather all those ideas that you pushed into the “too-hard basket” into a pile and pull one puppy out. THEN commit to it!

Make this year about YOU!   

Make this year about challenging yourself!  

Don’t forget: Let me know what your idea is. Send me a message, give me progress updates or send me your blog posts. I want to know what you are committing to this year!!!

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