Putting yourself out there


We are all apprehensive about putting ourselves out there.  I certainly don’t like taking photos of myself and it amazes me how many other people think the same way.

Of course i do it because it helps my followers know who i am. I of course don’t hold a lot back and that works for me and my brand but you can decide how much you will give.

If you are a small business or a one man band it is important that you let your followers see the real you. Of course you don’t have to share everything but you will find if you let your wall down a little you will get far more engagement from your fans than if you just put out business links and business information.

Social Media is about being Social. People follow people and they respond more to people who are being real.

Dont get me wrong there are certainly rules and you always have to think “How will this affect your brand”

Below are a few things you can share on your page that will help your fans engage more.

  • Images of you and your work space – people are fascinated about what is behind the scenes.
  • Places you go to. Take some artistic photos of things you have seen on your journey.
  • Sharing some of your passions and hobbies. This helps followers connect with you.
  • Photos of you at events. These don’t have to be those big events,  even showing you support local galas.
  • Sharing about your highlights within your business or your personal life. (Sharing your Achievements)

Why it is good to alway stay positive how many of us have bad days? Even posting that your day was crap will get your fans spurring you on and trying to make you feel better. ( i wouldn’t recommend doing this too often)

So take that leap and share.

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