I have been doing a lot of rectifying regrets the last year and a bit. Tackling those things that are on that imaginary list of things I want to do but never got around to doing it.

Life gets in the way. If we don’t plan ahead,  nothing can happen and at the end of the year you are disappointed because the year was full of work and nothing else.

The project 42 was done by Carin Newbould who shared with me what she did for her 42nd year.   I was looking at doing a 100 project but then realised it was my 42nd year so thought this would be a nice tie-in.  This could be a movement for everyone in their 42nd year to attempt,  to get challenged and do things that scare the crap out of you.

It’s about getting the most out of this one life you have.  Pushing your limits and experience everything you can in the time you have.

My biggest fear is getting to the end of my life and thinking – I wasted my life,  why didn’t I do??…. I have so many regrets!

I want to go with the lightness of  ” Yip I rocked that life!”

So here are my 42 things to be completed by my 43rd birthday!


(Note:  These are not in order -also I haven’t filled all of them in – I want there to be a little bit of spontaneity as it comes up )

Project 42

  1. Learn how to Paddle Board
  2. Read a classic
  3. Tramp Queen Charlotte
  4. Get a tattoo
  5. Travel to a country i NEVER dreamed of going to
  6. Do a Triathalon
  7. Write a Book – life story
  8. Photograph the South Island in Winter in a campervan
  9. Organise an event – Speakers
  10. Cook a three-course meal for close friends
  11. Say yes to new experiences you normally would say no to.
  12. Ride a motorbike
  13. Try clay pigeon shooting
  14. Run a tough mudder
  15. Run a marathon
  16. Go fishing on a boat  (I hate boats)
  17. Abseiling
  18. Fly a plane
  19. Drive a sports car – Hampton downs
  20. Ride down Sand dunes
  21. Scuba diving
  22. Blackwater rafting
  23. Shower under a waterfall (EEK)
  24. – 42 Random Acts of Kindness
  25.  Sky diving – OMG!
  26. Photography exhibition
  27. Build a garden that produces food
  28. Start random conversations with 42 strangers
  29. Design a Planner

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