The Content Lab

The Content Lab

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6 month Subscription to The Content LAB group
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Are you always wondering – What do i put up on Social Media?

Run out of ideas? or just have no idea who or what your audience want to see?

Then this online group is for you . Stop Wasting time on Social Media and get results!


The Content Lab –

I know you are struggling with what to put up on Social Media. Scare to post or just run out of ideas?  Nothing working?
I have designed this group to help you with everything Social Media

Things i will cover: 

Where do you need to be?
1. Defining your Social Media Strategy/Plan
2. Setting Social Media Goals
What needs to be measured?
How will we measure it? and where will we measure it?
3. Review the platforms you are on.
4. What has worked and what hasn’t
5. Analytics
Get the technical stuff right!
6. Check your platforms are set up right
7. Create your content calendars (Posting Plan)
8. Increase your productivity when using social media
9. Ideas to Build your Audience
Connect with your audience
10. Create posts that will promote engagement and interaction
11. Create and run social media campaigns
12. Build Relationships with your Audience
13. Drive traffic to your website
Online real-time review
14. WEEKLY Question time with Pauline
15. Fortnightly group discussions ( video)
Plus content will go out daily to help you get inspired and help you design your content.
NOT ONLY that but this is a space where collaborations can happen.

When you sign up you will receive an added BONUS of my 21 ways to repurpose content, PLUS my FREE Ebook on Content Marketing.

For a limited time you will gain access to my PDF, training and checklists.

Reserve your space now!!  Sign up for 6 months for ONLY $99
The Content Lab