pauline stockhausen in gym

KM Challenge !



The KM challenge 

I have signed up to go to do a MARATHON in Hawaii,  Dec 2019 – The trip will cost around $5k

I have started training but i thought what a great way to keep me motivated is to have YOU help me slog it out.  Each 5 KM block you purchase will mean I will have to complete those kilometer and each  5 KM you purchase will go towards my trip to Hawaii……. Because the hours working out will take me away from my core business.

WHAT is also great about this IS it keeps me accountable AND you or your business will get a shout out on my Social MEDIA –

So if you are a business….. And you purchase kilometers every week – That means you get shout-outs Each week!!  WIN/WIN

5km = $50

So jump on board and help me become a fitter me!! Help me smash out this goal to get me to Hawaii!!!