Pauline Stockhausen training

Kicking Social 6 week course



You may be in a crowded market but that doesn’t mean you cannot stand out and still do better than your competition.

One of my clients who is a coach told me she would never be successful because she had too much competition around her.

What BULL Pakki….

You dont have to have a massive audience… You can be more successful with a small intuned audience. The magic is getting that audience intuned to everything you say.

With less than two thousand followers we got her coaching program FULL within 2 months….

Find out what formulas will work for your business – In my Kicking Social 6 week course you will learn:

  1. Understanding your brand story and why it is paramount for being online
  2.  Learning how to tell a good Story.
  3.  How to break up your content to last longer.
  4. How to sell online – You dont need a huge audience … You just need an audience that is listening to you.
  5.  How to be creative with your content – I show you how to have fun with the most boring content that keeps your audience entertained.
  6.  Get my 12 steps to launch – Learn how to launch a product, event online.
  7. I give you my quick easy steps to sketch out a content plan – Easy, simple, yet very effective.

Its time to move your business into an online selling machine….

I show you how i have worked Social in some of the biggest brands i have worked with… How i have made companies thousands by changing a few things …..


  • You will not only get Video Tutorials but will have Group online Coaching with tutorials. If you get the Early bird ticket at 789.00 You will get a FREE ONE HOUR strategy session with Pauline. Valued at $600.00