Build your INFLUENCE online

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DONT waste any more time trying to work it out for yourself.

Get strategies on how to build a loyal and trusting following which convert into sales and business opportunities.  This course will help you get the most out of the time you spend in Social Media and will guarantee a return of investment from your time spent.


Product Description

Struggling getting fans on your Facebook page?  Getting no traction on Instagram?

Not sure how to get your blog out there online?  Need help building your personal brand?

I get asked everyday how to build an online presence,  get more loyal fans, so i have designed a 12 week course that will help you get ALL the traction you need online.

DONT waste any more time trying to work it out for yourself. I have all the answers from going viral to getting over 1 million in reach each post. Strategies on how to build a loyal and trusting following which convert into sales and business opportunities.  This course will help you get the most out of the time you spend in Social Media and will Guarantee a return of investment from your time spent.

What you will get in 12 weeks 

Weekly Emails,  and Videos plus Live Group chats

Understanding your Target Market

– Who do you want to attract online?
– Where is your Audience sitting
– Understanding your online Analytics,  Social Media Platforms and Website
– Find your Brand Voice – Strategies that help you and your brand

Understanding Social Media – Each platform 

– Get clear on what each platform does
– Live Streaming 
– How to utelise your platforms to your advantage
– How to do effective Advertising

Creating your Visual content

– How to build your brand story
– Build an Online Content Strategy
– Language – The use of words and how they can change your message
– 25 ways to share out one post.  Get the most out of your content
– Design and photography – Limited budget, No problem
– How to repurpose your content
– How to write better headlines

Your Audience

– How to engage your Audience
– How to get more fans
– Build Trust and Loyalty which leads to sales and business opportunities

Email Marketing

– How to build your email database
– Choosing the right platform for you (Email)
– Email Automation
– How to keep your audience engaged with emails
– How to sell through email Marketing


– How to build revenue with your blog
– Build your sales funnel through your website
– Email Sign ups (Website and Facebook)
– Content Tree – How to build a test enriched site that brings in customers
– SEO – What is it and how can you make your website be found
– Creating videos that make money

PR, Media and Sponsorship

– How to get traction with PR companies
– How to build relationships with Media Outlets
– Ways to get your posts and website sponsors
– Live Streaming – get paid,  I show you how.

Weekly emails so you can learn in your own time.

8 reviews for Build your INFLUENCE online

  1. Sarah Trawley
    5 out of 5


    Thank you so much Pauline. I have taken a few courses to help me build my business
    online but yours has been the one that
    has really made an impact.
    I love how hands on you are. All those personal emails and the one on one
    sessions really made a difference.

    Sarah Trawley

  2. Leanne Kim
    5 out of 5


    Pauline i hate to leave a review because i dont want anyone else to know who is
    my secret weapon. Your online courses,
    emails and your coaching have changed my business from being a hobby play
    thing to a successful empire.
    I wouldn’t be where i am today without you.
    Any small business owner reading this let me tell you the investment
    of this course you will get back within the month.
    The practical tips Pauline gives you will change your business for the better.
    I started with an email list of 10 and now i just hit 5,000.

    Leanne Kim

  3. Michael b Rees
    5 out of 5


    I haven’t finished your course. I am six weeks in but i had to just
    come on here to say WOW.
    This is the first online course i have attempted to do. I spent
    alot of time going to workshops where presenters
    dont give you all the information. I was frustrated until i saw you
    speak at a business function in Sydney.
    In that 30 minutes you gave me 3-4 tactic in which i used to success
    so i took the plunge on this course when you released it.
    In 6 weeks i have doubled my sales and it has been all through my new
    efforts with Social Media. When you said you dont sell online i
    thought you were slightly insane. (which i think you are lol)
    Your methods work and i have already got value for money.
    Pauline i do not know why you are not speaking on the global stage because you should be.

    Michael B Rees
    Sydney Australia

  4. Terry
    5 out of 5


    I want to take a moment to really Thank you Pauline for your amazing course.
    I was nervous about investing
    so much money but in all honesty your course should be 5 times more.
    Thank you for walking me through
    the more difficult parts.


  5. janet B
    4 out of 5


    I had to give you a 4 star because i am sad it is over. The 12 weeks went so fast.
    Hurry up and bring on your next course because ill be first in line

    Janet B

  6. Peta Bennet
    5 out of 5


    Great content, easy to understand if computer is your second language.
    Pauline is incredibly knowledgable in Social Media,
    Marketing and i found her very practical in her approach. I was told by another
    Social Media person that email marketing is dead and to not bother, how wrong they were.
    My list just hit 3000 and the open rates are 45% and i make many sales each email i send out.
    Happy to announce that with my goals i have hired Pauline as my ongoing coach. 2016 is my year.
    Peta Bennet

  7. Kellie Thompson
    5 out of 5


    If i could give 10 stars i would. Pauline is not all business. She has a
    quirkiness about her that helps you understand the content. I found her
    videos a breath of fresh air and with 12 weeks of content she keeps you engaged.
    Pauline is very hands on and available for questions. I enjoyed
    every minute of this course and it has made a big difference in my business.
    Kellie Thompson

  8. Joan T - Community Manager USA
    5 out of 5


    Pauline i was in your session at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego.
    You were so insightful and gave us so many great ideas for our groups.
    I left that room and googled you straight away and YES i was the one
    that purchased your course not 20 minutes after.
    This course isnt just for business owners it has been such a great resource
    for me as a community manager.
    I have been able to help my clients reach their goals faster and the campaign
    ideas you give are top tare but implementable for small clients.
    Pauline is available for questions which i was blown away by. It is great
    to see a Social Media leader take the time and care to look after her customers.
    I am your crazy loyal fan.

    Joan T

  9. Ray Couter


    Just completed the 12-week programme. Thank you for all your support over these 12 weeks.
    I am relatively new to Social Media and Pauline and her team took the time to get me the
    info i needed on certain things.

    I have purchased other programmes online and I have to say Pauline your attention to
    detail and constant contact throughout the course was the BEST customer service i have
    ever received.

    I cant wait to catch up later in the year and let you know how i am getting on. I will be
    back and will be purchasing your coaching once i can afford it.


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