Be a Rebel


  • Are you sick of comparing yourself to others?
  • Feel like you are on a treadmill to nowhere?  Or worse you are standing beside the treadmill scared to jump on?
  • Are you constantly being ‘busy’ doing nothing?
  • Lay awake at night and over analyze everything?
  • In avoidance of yourself.  Don’t want to admit you are the problem?
  • Things keep happening to you over and over again and ARE YOU finally ready to do something about it??

I designed ‘ Be a Rebel’  Because I was everything but a REBEL.

-I was guided by others
-Didn’t know who I was
-I focussed on other peoples problems so i didn’t have to look at who i was
-I didn’t really like myself
-And putting myself down was an hourly friend.
-I had no confidence in myself,  i didn’t believe i could do anything and i hated myself and my life.

Be a rebel is about finding out who you are

It’s about breaking down all those self-beliefs and reprogramming yourself.   This 6 week course is how I changed my life.

These foundation pillars are what i work on everyday.  Changing yourself isnt like switching a light bulb. It takes constant work.

Each week you will receive a new pillar to work on –  2 email updates with a video and worksheet

Its time to put yourself in charge of your future – Becuase the only one who can change it,  is YOU!!

Things we cover :
Get Raw and REAL
Where are your boundaries
Fears – what are they and how do we overcome them
Who are you?
Setting yourself free
Finding you
Learning to trust yourself

After this course you will have the foundations to move yourself into a new space.