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Over the Christmas holidays my husband and i decided to get away and spend our Christmas in Rotorua.

While we were there we visited Wing Span  , a sanctuary for birds of prey.

My husband was a big supporter of Wing Span before we were married and unfortunately with married life his journeys down to Rotorua soon became non existent.

So we decided it was time to pop in and visit. While i had never really spent any time with the birds i soon become enthralled with one little fella called Frodo the Morepork.

We were lucky enough to go into the enclosure with Frodos trainer while he feed him and get to see him up close.

I have never been one to love birds but being up close with this little fella certainly captured my heart.

If you are ever in Rotorua take the time to visit Wing Span. The work they do for our endangered birds is remarkable.

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