Iguazu Falls


Up early to Iguazu Falls so we could miss the crowds. We headed inland on an open door train, then walked across the metal walkways which lead us over the widespread river. Butterflies fluttered all around us, a hundred different colours, many of us had a few on our hats hitching a ride.

You almost feel like if you have seen one waterfall you have seen them all, but nothing prepares you for the vista of views as far as the eyes can see.

These waterfalls put all others to shame. Hearing the falls before we reached them; the shear force of the water rushing over the edge, the spray that immerse you as you feast on the views, the rise of a rainbow arching over a riverbed. They are breathtaking.

To truly experience Iguazu you have to see it from all angles so I headed out on the jet boat up the river.

A vigorating experience which had us squealing and laughing, looking above at the rushing curtain across the valley face. We zoom into one of the falls and get soaking wet.

A welcomed difference from the humid air of the jungle. I am in awe of the beauty and don't want to leave.