Adventures in the Amazon


The Amazon


The heat hits you in a wave when you hop of the plane. It embraces you in a welcome. We head straight for the river and jump on our boat for an epic 2-hour boat ride.

On the river we see so much wildlife from macaws flying overhead, Capybara which are related to guinea pigs but they remind me of small hairy hippopotamus (So cute)

We are also greeted to a wild Jaguar laying on the side of the river in the shade. (see Video above) To find out more where we stayed head to

Below are a few photos i took in the Amazon.



To book in your own South America tour then check out these providers

  • Viva Expeditions – Group Tours – They organise everything for you and if you are nervous about traveling then I  highly recommend booking in with them.  They made the trip easy to navigate and the activities were mind-blowing.  PSST they have the best guides and tour leaders too!!
  • Peru Nature – Only the most amazing accommodation in the Amazon. They have guides that help you while you are in the Amazon. We had Angel who truly was an Angel.  There is nothing like sleeping in an open aired treehut – (Wasnt a treehut but you felt like you were in the trees)