NZ first curvy Fashion Show

I was honoured to be asked to model for The Larger lovely ladies Fashion show that was on Last weekend.  I have never done anything like this before. As you may know Fashion and me dont really mix as im more of a jeans and converse girl.

I was incredibly disappointed when one particular person on twitter started saying “Fat people cant be models”  what was worse was she is a local business owner – Who i wont name but that sort of behaviour is not needed.

Whether you are skinny or fat you shouldn’t stop living your life. We all have our own journeys. As you know i have not let being fat stop me from challenging myself. I am fat and i can freely admit i am not 100 % happy with my weight but im not going to hide myself away and not live my life because i have some extra cuddly bits.  Im fat but i am fit. I do work out, i walk,  go to the gym and do kickboxing.  I also eat the wrong food and have a very demanding life. I make mistakes but they are mine to make.  There is no one in this world who is perfect – So lets just accept people for who they are and empower each other to try new things.

Even though that little hiccup hit the news the girls stood strong and supported each other.  They empowered each other and inspired each other.

Saturday arrived and i had 6 Amazing outfits to wear – No jeans were insight.

It is incredibly nerve racking to take your clothes off in front of 20 women. Everyone was nervous in the beginning but by the end we were stripping like it was no bodies business.  Liberating it was!  We are all the same –  Our bodies tell a story,  hardship,  motherhood,  self doubt – Our journeys maybe different but on Saturday we all came together – A collective of empowered women strutting their stuff – LOOKING FUCKING AWESOME.

Summer is here and i go to the beach everyday – I swim – Im fat but i dont care – Swimming is my happy place – Dont make your weight stop you from doing what you love!  Grab those togs and get out there – Wear those clothes you love to wear.  Just do it.

For the coverage of the Fashion Show check out it HERE 




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