Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky, my apology

20 years ago the internet was a new play thing.  We used it for very practical things.  That changed for many and for me when the Bill Clinton story hit.

I was fascinated with Bill Clinton like most were at that time.  When the Monica Lewinsky story broke I became enthralled with the story.

The internet became a door to information in real time.

I couldn’t get enough of the stories,  hundreds of articles were written about The Affair and I read many of them. I judged this young girl who was close to my own age. She became the bad person in the narrative and she as a person became invisible and her name became just that … a name.

This young woman was put up on a platter for the World to tear apart. AND I participated.

I actively consumed everything,  it was like a plot twist in a tv series.. What would happen next….

I have often thought about how I got lulled into the hype,  how easy it was to believe everything I read. How I felt about this young woman who lost everything and how she was now known on the lips of the World.  Everyone knew who Monica Lewinsky was.

The strength she would have had to find to overcome such judgment for years and years to come.

Many years later she finally told her story and I have been sitting in ASHAMED ever since I watched.  I participated.  I believed and I joked about her.

I was part of the problem.  I didn’t use my better judgment and look at the facts.  A young girl with a grown arse president.  A young girl with a grown man… How many of you have been infatuated with the older man at the office?  Too many of us.

We should all feel ashamed of our part of it. Our consumption of it.

I know I am.




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