Last across the finish line

I have never been so relieved to come in last.  Over the weekend I did the Omaha 1/2 marathon, 21km in scorching heat.  21km in the shortest amount of time.

I had never done this length before. 

As I crossed over the finish line I felt so much relief that it was OVER. 

I had done it!

However i couldn’t have done it on my own. Beside me I had two angels talking me through because at 17km I was ready to pack it in.

I convinced myself that it didn’t really matter if I didn’t finish because at least I tried right…. Oh, how our brains like to play these little games on us.

I made some pretty silly mistakes.  One I took the wrong shoes. In my haste in the early morning, i grabbed my gym shoes instead of my running ones.  About 14 km in blisters started to appear on the bottom of my feet. By 17km they were shooting pains up my legs.

I also didn’t wear sunblock. By the end of it I was burnt to a crisp.  I didn’t pack the right things and I also took a silly backpack that cut into my arms…

Many lessons were learnt but they were lessons I needed to learn to prepare me for my Marathon.  That’s why we need to do these walks. To get us prepared. To prepare our muscles and our bodies so we can endure longer.

I was proud to walk over the finish line. I proved that I could do it. Which scares me slightly because now i need to beat my time….. WHY do i have to be so competitive!!

I want to thank one of my friends Carin for pushing me to enter and for walking alongside me encouraging me. ALSO thank you Tail end Charlie (Laurie)  Your stubbornness was just what i needed THANK YOU!!

Thank you to ACTIVE CURVES for my amazing gear!! I was hot and sweaty but DAMN i looked cute!!!

I have been consistent with my training. I have discovered I LOVE weight training!! I have been doing weight training 3 days a week and the other day i do a walk.  Some weeks it is hard to fit it all in but if it means heading to the gym at midnight after I have flown in from overseas… I DO IT.



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