Invest in you

Where do you stand?

One of the recurring conversations that I have been having recently is around women not standing up for what they want in their lives.

The frustration they feel when they have looked over their life and there is nothing there that resembles who they thought they would be seems to be a recurring theme. Life has taken them on a path they didn’t want.

There is anger and frustration and a profound feeling of hopelessness: “I’m too old to do anything about it now. Why bother? Nothing has worked in the past.”

Everything feels at arms’ reach but the closer you get the further you are away from where you want to be.

We all get side tracked and life just goes by so fast. Look at this year. In a blink of an eye we have hit September. (To be honest, another thing I have noticed is that the older you get, the faster it goes.)

So I say, you can sit there in frustration and disappointment…or you can do something about it.

There are adventures that need to be had, goals that need to be hit. And nothing but yourself is truly in your way.

Oh, I hear you mumbling “Sounds easy, but I just don’t know where to start.” HUH? Keep reading because I am telling you how now.

You need support. You need guidance. You need someone who is in your court motivating you, inspiring you, keeping you accountable, and you need someone who is going to be real and pull you up on your bad behaviour.

I’m going to say it: You need a coach.

Everyone needs someone to help them and in business that means you hire someone to help you reach your goals or help you with business, whether it is in marketing, sales or web design.

The same goes with everyday life. You could have health goals or business goals or financial goals…. I guarantee you have some goals you set out at the beginning of the year, set your intentions, and then WHAM! We are in September and nothing has been achieved.

Hey, I have been there. Years and years of non-action was my life until I decided to invest in ME. That meant I needed to help train ME, look after my brain and thought process.

Having a coach, mentor or business strategist helps you to stay on track and keeps you accountable.

Now, a coach isn’t someone who does the work for you, they are there to pull the BEST OUT of YOU and, to be honest, it is really hard to find the right person for you.

But to move forward in your life, to get traction and start living for YOU, you need to find that person who will walk alongside you and cheer you on.

Make the investment. Invest in YOU because it will never be a waste of money.

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