Interview with Christine Sheehy

Christine’s  5 tips on visibility!

1. Stay connected to your message – Know what contribution you want to make and journal journal journal before you show up to connect with what it is you want to say

2. Give yourself permission to play – test new styles of content and platforms and pay attention to how you feel – when you’re in flow, your results will be completely different

3. Keep the barrier low – for live vids, don’t get all polished, keep a few ums and ahs in there. People love raw and real! It makes you relatable. And if it’s truly awful, there’s a delete button.

4. Consistency is key – make a commitment to show up day after day, or every day for a week and see what happens.

5. No one is watching you the way you think they are, or seeing your ‘flaws’ – give yourself a break and just give it a go.

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