Im going where…..

I am still in shock,  overwhelm…. I feel like I am dreaming. I’ve just been told I am going on an all-expenses-paid trip to ….. South America!!

I didn’t sleep at all last night. I had so many emotions rolled into one. I’m going to somewhere I have never been to before. I’m nervous and a little scared.  I have never been overseas just to travel. I have always been on trips that are work-related.

To be honest it does make me a little nervous but i know i will be safe because i am going on a group tour with Viva Expeditions!

The trip is 23 days long and the tour i am going on is called Enchanting-South America!!

We will be exploring South America’s most incredible destinations. From lively cities of Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Lima and Cusco. Experiencing ancient architecture of Machu Picchu and spot wildlife in the rich Amazon Rainforest. Iguazu Falls to capture panoramic views of the spectacular waterfalls and immerse yourself in the rich culture of Lake Titicaca. 

A trip of a life time!!

When i found out how long the trip was i was blown away !! 

Earlier in the year one of my goals was to travel more and not 3 months later i am about to embark on a trip of a lifetime.

Viva Expeditions have been taking people to South America for many years!

Come on this journey with me…

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