I had to JUMP

There are so many reasons why i couldn’t do this Challenge. To jump off the wharf would be one but to do it in front of hundreds of people is another.  Those were the things i was thinking to myself when I found out I had to jump. 

“It just wouldn’t be a good look”  and it probably wasn’t but to NOT jump would of beed worse.  It would have eaten away at me that im denying myself experiences. 

It looks like i wasn’t too scared but i was.  I went right to the bottom and what you cant see is i did get a bit of water in my mouth.  (i was spluttering away)   Not only that did you notice the tide pulled me out – I was under the bridge in no time. I had a slight panic attack but then realised i knew i could get out on the sand bank on the other side. 

I had a ball!!  I have wanted to jump off that wharf for a long time and now i have! 

 Discover by watching the above video what happened at the end….. Final Prize is revealed!

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