Build your Tribe

Build your tribe?

Business owners, entrepreneurs are jumping on to Social Media to do mainly one thing – Sell something.

I have seen it time and time again. Open a Facebook page, twitter profile, link them both ( Please, do not do this) and then post out links to their sales, link to their sales page etc etc.

Social Media isn’t about Selling. ( I see your look of shock – What?) No Social Media is about engagement and building your tribe.

Once you change your thoughts around selling on Social Media and focus on building strong relationships – The sales will come.

What is a tribe? They are those core fans you already have. Those ones who visit your store all the time. Those are the first people you need to pay attention too.

I remember a conversation with Business strategist Fiona Clarke from Break Through Business Solutions talking about the life time of one customer. They come in the store and purchase something for $5 – Maybe you interact with them, throw in some great customer service – They only paid $5, not a big deal but what if they came in monthly for the next 5 years?

How much is that $5 customer worth to you? If they only brought $5 each time – Over 5 years that’s $375

Each customers value is the life line of your business.

So imagine what the lifeline of a customer who is an avid fan of you or your business?

Social Media works the same. You have people who interact all the time. Engage back, If they leave a comment on your website – Take a moment to email them a Thank you. Each person deserves to have your attention. Because what happens is those core people will be your fan and they will end up helping you with your marketing, customer acquisition and of course SALES.

So who are your tribe. Who are those customers who come in every morning for coffee, rain or shine. Who are the ones reading every blog and commenting, who are those who engage on your twitter and Facebook.

Take time to look at your customers and give back. It doesn’t have to be huge. One of my clients brought coffee cards for a Free drink from a local Café and gave them to all their regular clients – Cost them $400 ( The same price as one ad in the newspaper) and they received over $5000 in sales. Because those core Tribe members told everyone.

Once you change your thinking to “Building my Tribe” From Sell, Sell, Sell, you will see a huge change.

Tips on how to build a tribe

    • Pay attention to who is commenting online and engage with them
    • Who are reading your email newsletters 
    • Engage with those people 
    • Make a note of the regular customers who come into your store – Work out how much they spend each week – What is life line of that customer?
    • Give back to those fans – A special Note,  a voucher,  a free muffin with their coffee.

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