How to be a fair Administrator on a Facebook Group

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Setting up a Group in Facebook is the easiest thing to do. By the click of a few buttons you can create a Group. The hardest thing is getting people interested in the Group and then having everyone participating.

Here are a few tips that have helped me build successful Groups:

  1. Have a clear idea what the Group is about. Sit down and write down the purpose of the group.
  2. Write a list of rules. – Are businesses allowed to post? Can people share their blog links? What topics are accepted and not accepted etc.
  3. Have a clear policy on bullying/trolling with clear instructions with what will happen if a person breaks the rules.
  4. Set yourself rules also – What will you share and not share.

Don’t forget to sit down and work out a content plan for your Group. Sometimes you need to prompt conversations and topics to get the Group moving.

People in Groups belong to a community and what rules you set for them should also include you. If you have rules like only posting business promotions once a week then you need to stick to them also. You can damage a Group if you promote your business within it.

Taking the time to write down the rules will save you many hours of work. Make sure you stick to and enforce the rules. If you waiver on any of the rules of give members special treatment you will find yourself in hot water. Treat everyone with the same respect but hold the rules as law.

No one is perfect and if you make a mistake let members know. Being admin of a Group, especially a large one, can be a lot of hard work. Members should know the amount of work you put in and will help towards making the Group a better place for all.

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