Hibiscus Treasure hunt

Hibiscus Coast families are currently engaged in a quest for hidden treasure as part of a Facebook challenge.

The treasure hunt, which started last month, currently has around 30 teams involved, made up of local families and businesses. Clues are emailed to participants and there are prizes every week.

Anyone can join, at any time as long as one team member belongs to the Hibiscus Coast Facebook page.

One of the challenges was to photograph members of your team with a copy of Hibiscus Matters.

Others include seeing how many people you could fit into a phone booth (one team squeezed in more than 10 Orewa College students), and finding the highest and lowest points on the Coast.

Organiser Pauline Stockhausen says it’s great to see how the idea has taken off.

“It was designed purely for fun, and everyone doing it seems to be having a ball,” she says.

The Hibiscus Coast Facebook page, started by Cr Michael Goudie and Pauline, currently has 3000 members.

Image: Photos of Hibiscus Matters formed part of a Facebook treasure hunt.

For photos visit www.facebook.com/groups/HibiscusCoast1/



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