Get RID of the scales

Those blasted scales which document your failure. You jump on them with the hope that the numbers are going down and get so disappointed when they don’t move by much. Get RID of the Scales.

There is a big movement at the moment that Big is beautiful.   That being big you can do anything.  And trust me when I say YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. 

My size has NOT stopped me in any endeavour that I have wanted to tackle. I have always strived to TRY to be a fit FAT person 🙂

But being FAT (as I am classed by so many of the skinny people)  isn’t all it is cracked up to be!  EVERYTHING always comes back to your weight!

What do I mean – I can speak on international stages, I can travel the world and I can work on some of the biggest campaigns within my country but….. In a moment someone will crack a FAT joke and I am instantly back in high school.

It’s that ONE thing that gets narrowed in on!! That I am FAT.  It’s the ammunition that so many people use…. Trying to be funny.. Its the easiest joke you can grab and boy do they grab it.

Why, …..  mostly because they are lazy or its the one thing they know they can knock you down on. Whatever the reason it happens more than it should!

I own my fatness – It doesn’t define me at all – Though I get persecuted for it every day.  BUT it hasn’t stopped me in any way.

Years of keeping track of every kilo. Weighing myself every morning and being reminded everyday how i don’t measure up.  How i am too BIG for the space i live in!! NOT a cool way to start the day!

One day i decided to throw those bad boys out and I slowly learnt how to accept ALL of me….

Though i didn’t want to accept all of me and stop trying !

I started to concentrate on being healthy. NOT deprive myself of the things I wanted but i became conscious of moderation.  I’ve cut 90% of sugar and bread out of my diet – The other 10 percent is if I wanted those things I could have those things.

I focussed on beating myself … So i would test my ability. One of the things I started to do was climb Wenderhome hill every few months and time myself. For a long time, nothing changed and now a year later I can see myself improving. My recovery is alot better and i can get all the way up without stopping.

Competing against yourself means you will always WIN.  I’ve made it a game – and when I win it feels awesome.

Not much has changed. I’m still FAT… But I know I am bench pressing 20kg more than when I started. I can run further than ever before and I can walk further.

These are all small things but they are MY things.

Get Rid of the Scales – Set yourself small goals – DONT deprive yourself of food and be consistent. BOOM




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