Free yourself from labels

Stop being trapped by the labels others give you! It’s time to Free yourself from Labels.

It can take years to recognise the damage we have done to ourselves by believing a label someone has given us. Mine – I am stupid. It was given to me by my maths teacher. It stuck to me like truth and honestly, he probably said it in a moment of frustration because i wasn’t paying enough attention in class.

I made that comment a thread in my core. I believed it for SO many years.

It ruled every decision I thought I wasn’t good enough for.  I didn’t take up opportunities because I believed I was too stupid to do it.

This is one label that i carried. There are so many that we weave into our core of who we are. We move about our life and rule from those labels.  Without thinking about it.

What labels are you carrying around with you?

Ask yourself the question as i did… and add “Is it true”

“Is it true, I am stupid” – The answer is NO.

Get real,  get raw and be honest! 

Is it true I am FAT ….. YES!

I am.  AND I am ok with it.  I’m more unhappy about being unfit!!

Labels confine us. They box us in and we become to comfortable with the boxes they keep us in.  We end up not experiencing ALL life has to offer because we make decisions from pain,  from our labels.

Take back those labels and either smash them to smithereens OR accept them and do something about them… YES, i am FAT but it DOES NOT define me!!  I still push myself and challenge myself so i can achieve what I want to achieve.

Accepting a LABEL – I AM WEIRD

Before it became cool – I accepted my weirdness. I accepted I was different. I relished it in. Who wants to be like everyone else.  It was said to me to hurt me,  but I flipped it into something I cherished.

What label have you been given that you are proud of?

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