Facebook F8 2017 and What It Means for Your Small Business

Facebook F8 2017 and what it means for your small business

The Facebook Developer Conference revealed updates that are potential goldmines for small businesses. Here’s a summary of some of the highlights from this year’s conference.

Yes, Facebook has changed.  Over the past few weeks, the social media giant has released a series of changes that we’re sure you’ve also noticed.  You can now react to Facebook comments and respond to posts instantly through the pop-up post feature.

Great news!  If you got excited over these new updates, Facebook has still a lot more in store for all of us over the next few months.  These were just a few of the updates that were revealed at the Facebook Developer Conference 2017, which was held in San Jose, California last month.

While most of these updates were highly technical, they revealed some wonderful new features that we could benefit from greatly – if used correctly, of course.  Below are some promising Facebook updates, which could be quite relevant for you and your business.

Get to Know Your Audience Better through Advanced Marketing Analytics

Your Facebook Reports and Insights will now feature more robust data that will help you in getting to know your audience better.  You will now get more detailed reports regarding your Facebook Page Interactions, which will include post reactions and shares.

The new Facebook omnichannel analytics will also help you in mapping out the customer journey by giving you significant insight into your audience’s behaviour.  You can now find out if the people who like, react, comment or share your page’s posts will go to your website and purchase your product.  You will no longer be left wondering why the number of likes and engagement you have on your page do not actually convert to a sale.  This information is truly valuable for improving your marketing plan so it is relevant to your audience and meet business goals.

Frame Studio for Facebook Camera

You can now personalize your own filters and frames for Facebook Camera through Frame Studio.  The studio will be easy to use and all you need to do is upload your own design, then, it will be available to all the people in your network and those that are following your page.

Although you will not easily be able to use designs that have your brand or company logo, Facebook will be releasing an approval or verification system for these types of designs.  Nonetheless, you could use these filters for personalized marketing campaigns even without the logo to make it fun for you and your selfie-loving audience.

Multi-Product Dynamic Ads

You can now gently remind your audience about the products they had been previously viewing on your website through Facebook Dynamic Ads.  Although this feature is nothing new, it has now been upgraded so your audience can view multiple products in a carousel layout.  This will help you make their website visit a truly memorable experience, don’t you think?

Messenger QR Codes

No, QR codes are not dead.  In fact, Messenger has revived QR Codes and made it even more functional and accessible than before.  Currently, Facebook has launched QR Codes that will allow you to order food through Delivery.com and this feature is now accessible to users in the USA.

Facebook is currently creating tools for small businesses to develop QR codes that will define customized experiences for their users.

This is just the beginning

Although most of these updates have already been launched, Facebook promises to further improve these tools for different types of users.  Businesses will now gain access to a full suite of features that will help them make the most out of the channel, while maintaining a safe community and experience for its users.

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