Do one platform and do it well

There is so much advice flying around these days about where you should be on Social Media.  Some people are saying you need to be on all the platforms.

I say. Don’t listen.  Do the research and find out where your customers are hanging out.

If you are a small business you might not have the time or the staff who can put in the hours you need for your social media. Do not think that you can chuck out a few tweets,  or posts and you will get immediate results because i am here to tell you that is not what social media is all about.

Social media is hard work. And it is a slow burn.

You need to firstly understand who your customers are, what they want and you then need to put out content that will appeal to them.

Social media is about connecting with people,  it is about building better relationships with people who may need your business services.  It is a full on endevour to engage and lure potential customers to your website or your mailing list.

Tradition Media almost seems easier. Design an Ad,  Chuck it in a few publications and wait for the phone to ring. Well sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. A lot of companies spent thousands trying to understand what their customers will react too.

The Good thing about Social Media is people are sitting every day on their devices or computers and you DON’T have to shout your ads to them but you can talk to them, engage and struck up conversations.

So don’t think Social media is going to be that easy solution because if you don’t put the time and effort in,  it truly won’t work for you.

I am a big believer in doing one Social Media platform and doing it well. I don’t think you should spread your messages across all the platforms.

Choose one platform that works for you. Each person enjoys different platforms. So many people i know prefer Facebook over twitter and have tried to spread their messages over both and they never get the same traction.

Just start with one.  Nurture that one and don’t get hooked up on the numbers. We all do it. Want more followers but the true gage is your engagement.  The more your followers engage the more you will naturally grow.

It’s not a race. Take your time. Nurture the relationships,  put out good content and you will find that your followers will turn into Loyal fans of your business.

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