Changing your Circumstances


Taking action can be a long process. Especially when you are thinking of changing your circumstances.

I knew for awhile that we needed to move. The house we had was far to big,  a long way from anywhere and the cost of living was huge.

A lot of fear,  what will people think and I hummed and harred for months.  However  as always things happen for a reason and as it happens waiting those months were (in hindsight) a blessing because the perfect house fell into our lap.

It is 70% smaller than our other house so a lot and I mean a lot of my stuff had to go.

There is something transitional that happens to you when you have to get rid of stuff.

Transitional and a lot of hard work. For three weeks I decluttered,  and reduced,  reduced,  reduced and reduced.  And once we moved into our new house I had to reduce,  reduce,  reduce a lot more.

So here I am sitting in my tiny little house and was thinking why didn’t I do this sooner. Thinking I shouldn’t of waited so long and I knew in my gut I had to move but then I realised that everything happened at the right time.

I was balanced,  things were aligned and it worked.

Of course we cant predict these things ahead of time, only can look back and see how it all played out.

The stress that went with it all was just unnecessary. The nights up worrying were all for nothing.  Because I realised everything would work out because I was moving in the direction I wanted to go.

We make things work when we are working the situations and putting ourselves out there.  Small steps are better than none.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Timing is everything. Everything happens for a reason so that you can grow. it may be hard somedays but your struggles don’t define you.

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