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I love new apps – Especially if they help me be more productive.  As i am a very time focussed person my calendar app is an important tool that i use everyday.  I have been through many to find the right one.

For the last year my go to has been Sunrise The clean slick easy to use app has made life so much easier.   However i stumbled upon a new  app to the market from Moleskin called Timepage. While i hesitated to try a new calendar ( surely nothing could out do Sunrise) i decided to give it a whirl.

As i am very visual the colours attracted me the most.  Downloaded and off i went.  The integration between the days and the months make using this app so much easier to navigate  The colour co-ordination makes it easy to see what days are full and the integration with maps,  contacts are effortless.

My favourite aspect is the full list of tasks/appointments on the screen so that i can see a run down of my week.  When you are busy it can be hard to see all when the screen is small but with timepage  the months are fully designed to help you look ahead and stay organised. It’s an intuitive map of your schedule so you can instantly get a feel of when you’re busy and when you’re free

If you are a visual person,  who likes clean,  slick design then this is the app for you.

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