Business and Illness

Now these two topics don’t go together business and illness – At all. No one likes to think that they will get ill, especially when starting a business.

Thoughts of “It will NEVER happen to ME!”

The reality is that if you do come down with something you maybe able to work through it, however there are things out there that you cant work through. Like nasty virus’s that just keeps on giving.   When you are the only one in your business everything is on your shoulders to keep everything going.

I of course, as I do with most things learnt this the hard way. I fell sick and was so sick I couldn’t even open my laptop. Which is SO not good for business.

I had no contingencies in place to get me through, no sick pay saved up. I realise now how reckless I was in my organising of these things. Basically I felt with my business I could work through any illness, and it wouldn’t happen to me.

Well I can tell you now there are things that you cant work through.

Start planning now – plan out a payment method that accumulates so you can take a sick day or two. Think ahead. I now take a percentage for every account that is paid for sick pay and holiday pay (everyone needs a holiday) and put it in a rainy day account.

There is nothing worse than being sick and having the stress of figuring out how you are going to pay the bills.

Start planning. The sooner you take the step the better you feel.

Once you have sorted out the financial – Start thinking about who could be in the wings to help you when you need it. Some businesses just can’t shut down. Look for someone who knows your business and could step in, in a moments notice and help you run things when you need a day off.

The key to this – Is plan it out. A little planning now will help you in the long term.

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