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Build an online course My focus in 2016 was to build a more online business.  It became increasingly obvious that I couldn’t service a lot of clients.  Why?  Because there is only ONE Me!

You cannot just jump straight into an online business. It takes time to build a foundation. Thankfully I am a huge believer in walking the talk so my years of building my OWN Social Media presence made jumping into more online courses a smoother ride. (Well bumpy at first) 

At the end of 2015 i had designed my first course “Get out of the box” A course to help you get motivated and get out of a funk.  At the time this course helped me out of my own funk!

The day of launch I was so excited – I had spent weeks putting this course together and I felt it was good. ( Considering it was my first one)  I waited……. I made the course $29 and NO ONE brought it.  Nada,  ZIP!!  Week one went by nothing,  week two,  nothing.

I cried. I had failed! 

One of the problems was I am known for Social Media and had designed a course that didn’t fit my audience.  I did a course without thinking about the fundamentals of what I was trying to achieve.  I thought, because I needed the course others would too.

I made so many mistakes! But they weren’t mistakes I regret. they helped me discover a way to market my next course.  I made that first course Free.

That’s right I made it FREE.  Once I made it free I hit over 1000 students in the first 2 weeks.  I realised that these students would soon become fans.  I added them to a special mailing list and then i started to check up on them.  I sent emails every week for months. And when I designed my second course “How to build your influence online” I emailed all my students from my Free course. By then i had hit 2000 students and half of them purchased my second course.


I sat on one course for months.  This was my first mistake. You cannot fit everyone needs in one course. So designing more than one course is a great idea.  I played around with different prices and lengths of courses.  I built up a school of courses and I have them rotating throughout the year.

And do you know what started to happen in 2016?

I started to make money off those courses. First they started to dribble in – One sale a week,  then two sales. Now I average 7 sales a week, 28 a month and my cheapest course is $101 – You do the math!

My last course launch of “How to build a Global Audience”  Was my fastest selling course. The first night I launched I made $2,525 AND it was the simplest course to make.


What I am trying to tell you is,  if I can do it,  so can you!

One of the other great things I have launched with my courses is Affiliates. So if any of my students want to sell my course on to their audience – They make a good profit.  And a few of my students have brought in $900 a month. I love that. My courses are helping others to succeed in their money goals.

Money can be made online.  It’s about being open-minded,  strong willed and persevering. Pushing through those courses that don’t hit like the “Get out of the box” Course.

What is great is my “Get out of the box” Course still attracts people to my website and they take the course. It is now a great funnel into my other courses. So failures can turn into a way to market your other courses.


Are you thinking about building an online course?  Wanting help to get started?

I am putting together a Tip Sheet for those who want to know how to build your online course. Sign up here

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