Adventures of Napier

I fell in love with the drive from Taupo to Napier.  The road was long and straight which made it easy to drive. There are so many parts of this journey where we have called out “Oh that looks like it is from …………. Movie”  Of course a lot of references to the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit.

River My nervousness of traveling alone has settled somewhat however, the drive to Napier I stressed about our next accommodation.  (What happens if i can’t find the key!) We were staying at a good friends place who lived in town. Of course, there was no need to worry. (I found the key easy peasy)

One of our rules was if we saw something off the road we were to stop and explore. One of these stops had a find a beautiful river and a couch in the middle of the bush.  The bush was overgrown,  very green and had a dirty rusty beauty. Unfortunately it was a spot for Freedom campers. It was disappointing to see so many wipes scattered throughout the area.

New Zealand

Our Accommodation was my ‘Heaven’ An old Villa on the hill just a hop skip and a jump into the main st of Napier.  The Villa was beautifully designed with secret havens throughout. The veranda looked over Napier’s seaside and its beauty took my breath away. I spent the first night just sitting there enjoying the view.

No amount of tiredness was going to move me.  One of my favourite rooms in the house was a hidden room off the side of the kitchen,  i thought I had explored the house but only uncovered the room the next day by accident. Beautiful white room with white long couches where you could lay and read. French doors opened out to the backyard.  (a good spot for a bit of writing)

We lay low the first day and only did a little bit of exploring. The traveling was tiring. I was trying to work as well as travel which was a little more difficult than i realised.

Our hosts came home and they brought with them their baby Bijoux. A Frenchie who stole my heart the moment her highness walked in the door.  I am not a dog person but after spending a few days with this gorgeous French Bulldog that decision has done a 360 turn around. My new goal in life is to get myself a Frenchie!

When in Napier you have to explore the beach as well as the Fountain!!!

To the shock of the teen and our Hosts!!! Hey sometimes you just have to let your hair down, well if you have enough hair!

The weather was hot and we had perfect summer days but our time in Napier came to an end faster than i wanted it too.  More photos can be found on my Facebook page check out our updates.  As we headed out of Napier we took State Hwy 50 and explored Wine Country.  Loved driving passed the vineyards of all my favourite wines.  We are now heading to Wellington – Which the Passengers (teen and brother) are happy about because they both love Wellywood.

Heading to Wellington

Wine Country

Photos were taken by Ian Halliwell from Off the trail photography 


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