#013 Lets get A Tiny HOUSE


Some ideas I like

I’ve loved tiny houses for a few years now. Every now and again

I would watch a video or two or see photos of them in my Pinterest page.

BUT lately, I have become totally consumed by the idea.  Many of my friends and family have said its probably not a great idea to build one. And their arguments are sound and some part of me agrees but then again. Why not?


What really is so bad in building and then living in a tiny house.  I have tried so hard to ignore the niggles of possibility until Christmas hit. (Christmas seems to be the time these crazy ideas percolate).

I want to build a tiny house!  I almost want to scream it out!! Its True, it’s true I think I NEED to build a tiny house.  The idea of doing this scares the crap out of me because I know how much work this will be. I am no way adept in using a hammer or knowing anything about any construction. I mean my skills are limited to putting things into the wall and that’s it.  But should that stop me? 

There are some major roadblocks. Like having a tiny house is all well and good but finding land is a tricky situation.  You cant just park it up anywhere.  This could stop a project like this in its inception. However, once I started talking about the possibility of building one. Two properties have been offered.  (say what It’s!)

Its funny when these things happen – This is what was stopping me then suddenly BAM – Solved.

Then doing it on money and spend it on travelling the World.  I want to travel more.

My own is a huge road block. I know nothing about building. I know what I like but I don’t know how to build it.  But should this stop me. (probably)  But with most tiny houses that are built, they are built by a community of people.

I know people.  Could I ask for help? Something i am not good at doing at all but if i want to build my future i will definitely need help.

I am only one person but i have some amazing friends and family who will be more than happy to chip in ( God i hope so)  AND if you are reading this and have skills i might need and want to donate a weekend or two to chip in please let me know. Because i am going to need it 🙂

So im 90% convinced that,  this is the next move for me.  It’s a project that will support my future and my wellbeing. I am essentially going to be removing the idea that i need to have a mortgage.  Which will help me save

Why cant i have my cake and eat it too?  Many have said to me “Just earn more money”  – But is that the only option?  The trap of earring more money is working more,  it comes with other strings and it isn’t as simple as just earning more money.

What the outside of a tiny house can look like

Ive learnt that the hard way,  burnt out and nearly died.

So i am going to explore a new idea,  a new way of living. Working on the things i love and living a more simple life with less overheads so i can send my money on travel with family and friends.

So it seems the project is almost at conception… I mean i have already drawn out my floor plan.

EEK – So ill keep you up to date with how things progress.  This project will be over a year to complete as i need to fit it in around my travel plans this year.


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